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Serena Williams tells Selena Gomez she has ‘serious boundaries’ when it comes to ‘mental fitness

Serena Williams says she has “serious boundaries” when it comes to taking time for herself and looking after her mental well-being.

The tennis superstar, who recently revealed her retirement plans, sat down for a candid conversation with Selena Gomez’s wellness platform, Wondermind.

In the short clip, shared to Gomez’s Instagram account, the actor asks Williams what “mental fitness” means to her.

“Mental fitness for me is just really learning to shut down,” Williams said.

“I did this years ago before mental health was a topic in everyone’s mind. It was more just like, alright I’m shutting myself down today. Subconsciously it was something I’ve always done.”

Serena Williams said this has become increasingly important to her as she has realized the importance of putting her mental health first.

“I have serious boundaries and I don’t let anyone cross those boundaries with time,” she said.

She explained: “For me, it’s so important to make sure that every day I have a period of, like…it’s so bad because I don’t do anything for me, I’m terrible at that.

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