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A Ghanaian cab driver in New York was recently beaten to death after he chased down and confronted five passengers who had refused to pay their fare.

New York’s Kutin Gyimah, a Ghanaian cab driver, was killed when five fare-evaders attacked him. When Gyimah was struck by one of the unruly passengers, he lost his balance, collapsed, and hit his head on something hard. He passed out and was discovered by bystanders. His lifeless body was taken by emergency crews to the adjacent St. John’s Hospital, but he ultimately passed away there. The tragic event apparently took place on August 13, 2022. On the day he was killed, Gyimah picked up and drove five people to Far Rockaway: three men and two women.

It has been stated that the five refused to pay their fare and attempted to rob the Ghanaian at the intersection of Beach 54th Street and Arverne Boulevard. He exited his vehicle and gave chase, but one of the suspects allegedly punched him in the face. After taking a blow to the head and passing out, Gyimah was fatally injured. CBS2 interviewed the deceased man’s next-door neighbors in Ghana.

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Why do you always have to pick a fight with no apparent reason? Just how much is that? You murdered someone. Joe Tompo, a close buddy, urged them to “come on.” The oldest of the 52-year-four old’s children is only eight years old.

“The way he behaves with all his children, he’s really gentle with them and caring. Gentleman who puts his heart and soul into whatever he does. Hardworking, hardworking. Serves as a provider for one’s household. Indeed, we have lost a devoted father and a devoted Christian,” lamented Rev. Dr. Samuel Arhin of the Ghana United Methodist Church.

Meanwhile, Big Apple Taxi Fleet Management, Gyimah’s employer, has agreed to pay for his funeral. New York State Taxi Drivers Federation is also offering a $15,000 prize for information leading to the arrest of any of the five perpetrators.

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