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Hall, SRC week celebrations at KNUST have been put on hold indefinitely following riot

Celebrations for Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology’s (KNUST) Hall Week and Student Representative Council (SRC) Week have been put on hold indefinitely.

Additionally, massing up of students before to “morale” exercises and procession has been indefinitely suspended.

Random security inspections of individuals and vehicles coming onto and leaving the university campus are to be done.

The KNUST Executive Committee made these decisions on Friday, August 19, in response to the chaos on Thursday, August 18.

After a brawl between residents of Unity Hall and University Hall on Thursday night, calm was restored on the KNUST campus.

Uncertainty surrounds the cause of the violent conflicts, although sources indicate that Katanga students from University Hall joined a parade that ended up in the Unity Hall, or Conti, grounds (nental). The two halls have long been at odds with one another.

Students started throwing stones at one another, which led to various items, including cars parked on campus, being vandalized.

Police moved in to restore calm while the Ashanti Regional Security Council (REGSEC) issued a warning to any persons or group of persons harbouring intentions to embark on reprisal demonstration on campus.

Read statement below;

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