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After Mama Dollars Respond To Big Ivy, Directs Stray Bullet On Black Sherif

Big Ivy’s spat with her Nigerian opponent, Mama Dollars, was entertaining while it lasted.

As Mama Dollars has disgraced the entire entertainment business, the jab-for-jab lyrical battle is progressively getting unhealthy.

Mama dollars

According to the origins of this beef, an aspiring rapper named CJ Biggerman set up his mother to demonstrate her rap skills.

They had an instant hit and a smashing video to put everything together into a flawless work of art.

When the film was released, it quickly went viral on social media and, thankfully, caused ripples far beyond Ghana’s borders.

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The Nigerian rapper Mama Dollars then recorded a video criticizing Big Ivy, sparking a full-fledged fight.

Big Ivy

Big Ivy followed up with a new single and video. This time, she addressed Mama Dollars directly, prompting followers to draw parallels.

Mama Dollars quickly responded with another song and video body shaming Big Ivy, among other sensitive subjects.

Big Ivy maintained her response positively with the song “Poison Ivy,” which was also favorably received.

Mama Dollars has recently released a new diss track after swearing off Big Ivy for good.

Mama Dollars slaughtered the entire entertainment sector this time, including Black Sherif.

View the latest video below.

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