Pastor Apologizes to Members After Calling Them “Broke” For Not Buying Him An Expensive Movado Watch (Video)

The Kansas City pastor who was chastised online after accusing his congregation of failing to buy him the Movado watch he had asked for has apologized.

During a sermon titled “Taking Care of God’s Shepherd,” Pastor Carlton Funderburke labeled his congregation “poor, broke, busted, and humiliated” because they still hadn’t bought him an expensive Movado watch he had requested last year.

In the video, he tells his members, “I’m not worth your McDonald’s money?” Are you sure I’m not worth your Red Lobster money? I’m not worth your St. John Knits – you can’t afford it.”

“I ain’t worth your Louis Vuitton?” said the pastor of Church at the Well. I’m not worth your Prada, are you? “Do you think I’m worth your Gucci?”

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“Ooh, you can purchase a Movado [watch] at Sam’s [Club], and you know I requested one last year,” he continued. And here we are in August, and I still haven’t gotten it.

“Allow me to kick down the door and converse with my cheap sons and daughters.”

He issued an apology after receiving backlash for the video.

He said that his statement to his members had a context, but he also admitted that no context could ever justify what he said.

“As a result, I offer this heartfelt apology to you today,” the priest read from a script.

“No context could ever wash away the words I used.” I apologize to everyone who has been wounded, angered, or otherwise harmed by my comments.”

He went on to apologize to his congregation as well as all other pastors who will be investigated for his behavior.

Watch the video apology below;

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