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“Phyna Is Like A Mother To Me” – Groovy Claims While Interacting With Chomzy (VIDEO)

In an effort to start a thing between him and Chomzy in the level 1 house, Big Brother housemate Groovy has blatantly denied his romantic relationship with other contestant Phyna.

Remember how the couple in love, Groovy and Phyna, sobbed hysterically when Biggie switched Groovy to level 1 and Deji to level 2?

However, based on his interaction with Chomzy, it seems like Groovy has quickly moved on.

Chomzy declared that Eloswag is like a brother to her during their conversation, whereas Groovy said that Phyna is like a mother to him.

He went on to ask Chomzy to mention the guys she has kissed in the house

Check out how they conversed below:

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