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The Blood Type With the Best Immunity

Red blood cells that are negative for type O are regarded to be the safest to give to anyone in a life-threatening emergency or when a certain blood type is in short supply. This is because they lack the type O antigen. This is done to ensure that blood cells with a type O negative phenotype do not develop antibodies to the A, B, or Rh antigens. This is the reason for the aforementioned phenomenon.

People with blood type O have the lowest risk of having cardiovascular disease, whereas people with blood types B and AB have the highest risk.

People with blood type O are less prone to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Blood Groups and their compatibility

People with blood types A and AB have a higher risk of acquiring stomach cancer than those with other blood types.

People with blood type 0 (I) are frequently more resistant to illnesses, except gastrointestinal disorders caused by H. pylori. This happens because H. pylori are known to cause gastrointestinal tract diseases. Carriers of blood types A (II), B (III), and AB (IV) are more prone than non-carriers to have cancer, cardiovascular problems, and infectious diseases.

The various blood types are efficient and can help another life. Donate blood to save a life

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