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2023: Tony Umez explains, “Nobody approached me to endorse anybody for N10m, I have my favorite candidate.”

Actor Tony Umez has responded to rumors that one presidential candidate offered him money in exchange for his endorsement.

Tony Umez

Tony Umez stated, “That report is incorrect, and I don’t know where it originated,” in an interview with Punch Newspaper. I have not had any requests for anything. I wasn’t asked to recommend somebody for N10m by anyone. I have a candidate in mind.

I haven’t openly endorsed any candidates since that’s not how I roll. But those who know me well understand who I am backing. Any person who chooses to publicly support a candidate is doing so at their own discretion. I’m not sure if the person is acting in this way to make money or to get attention in exchange for material benefits.

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I don’t know if the entertainers who have supported candidates were paid or not. Nobody can be made to support a candidate against their will. Politics is an activity. Each of us has a justification for backing a certain candidate. No one has the right to criticize me if my reasons for supporting a candidate do not appeal to them.

Because of what our country is going through, there is simply a broad feeling of hatred and anger throughout the country. According to what is happening right now, some individuals feel that endorsing a certain person is a disservice to the country. Politics is a game, that much is clear. Anyone can play it, but they shouldn’t offend anyone by doing so.

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