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Bella was forced to define their relationship after she claimed that Sheggz was her boyfriend “at Biggie’s house” on BBNaija (Video)

Segun Olusemo, better known by his stage as Sheggz, has demanded to know what part he plays in Bella’s life.


After Bella falsely claimed in “Biggie’s house” that he was her lover, Sheggz questioned her about their relationship.

Bella questioned Doyin’s decision to draw Sheggz away to speak with him last night during their discussion of Groovy.

Doyin defended herself by saying that she merely wished to speak privately with Groovy regarding their tense bond with Beauty.

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Bella retorted that since they were all housemates and the two weren’t yet that close, she shouldn’t have done that.

Bella claims that Sheggz is her housemate.

Sheggz interrupted her and demanded clarity on what she meant when she said, “My person in the house.”

Bella recognized her mistake and added boyfriend to the sentence, but she left “in the house.”

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