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“If I Get The Opportunity, I Will Marry 10 Women” – Osofo Ajagurajah (Video)

Bishop Kwabena Boakye Asamoah who calls himself Ajagurajah says he will marry ten (10) women when he gets the opportunity. He added that, he’s polygamous in nature.

According to Ajagurajah, he meant every word he said. He believes 90% of men want to marry more than one secretly but won’t say it out of hypocrisy.

He said; ‘ I am Polygamous…. I am very Polygamous. Although it’s yet to happen, if I get the opportunity, I’ll marry like 10 Women…

I mean every word I said. 90% of men want this secretly, hypocrites’

Watch the video below;

The Ajagurajah Movement is led by Osofo Ajagurajah. He is well-known for feeding his church’s members.

Despite being a man of God, Bishop Kwabena never spares those who step on his toes on social media. He’ll dish out insults to anyone he thinks deserves them.

The Ajagurajah movement is a spiritual organization in Ghana that primarily serves to protect people from spiritual attacks.

Bishop Kwabena stated that the movement is not open to everyone, but only a select few who refuse to speak out about what they see in the movement.

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