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Alex Asogwa writes a dissing message to her past professors who told her she would be useless.

Alex Asogwa, a reality TV personality, and social media influencer wrote a letter to her former professors and bullies who told her she would never amount to anything.

Alex mentioned in her message that she always spoke up when other pupils were afraid to, which led her teachers to anticipate that she would never amount to anything.

Alex Asogwa

She also stated that she and many other kids who were discarded by teachers as useless are now doing extremely well.

She praised them for their “wickedness” by naming some of the professors who were nasty to her.

“Thank you for your anguish and evil.” It shaped me into the person I am today,” she wrote in part.

In full, her message reads,

“A message to all my teachers/bullies that stated I’d be useless because I was the one student that spoke up while everyone else was afraid to.
You didn’t believe me before, but now I’m so flashy. Not just me, but look at how many other youngsters you were rude to. Mrs. Kiwa….., Mrs. Enem….. Congratulations if you recognize the names. To those we’ve lost, may you rest in peace.

Thank you for your anguish and depravity. It shaped who I am today and will continue to shape me thousand times over. I simply wish that all professors realized the value of being pleasant.

You never know what tomorrow holds for those who look down on others, say hurtful words, and underestimate them. We all still have a lot of work ahead of us.

Please refrain from using comments like “you can never be helpful, useless youngster” and similar phrases on students “.


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