Grandpa Reggie Rockstone gets in trouble when his wife makes him delete some naughty photos a young woman sent him

Zilla Rockstone, Reggie Rockstone‘s wife, has demanded that he delete n#de photos of a woman from his phone.

Zilla said that she found the [email protected]€d photos on Reggie’s phone by accident when she was looking for a video. About three days later, she consciously went looking to see if the photos had been removed. She is shocked to find that they are still present.

When she realized her husband had embarrassing photos on his phone, she confronted Rockstone about it.

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Reggie Rockstone says the photographs were supplied to him by an unknown woman who said she was a model and wanted to be in one of his Rap videos.

After Zilla Rockstone wasn’t convinced by Reggie’s explanation, he gave strict instructions that the naked photos be removed from the phone immediately.

Reggie Rockstone’s clearly concerned, accused the universe of looking for fault with him to find something to blame him of.

Reggie and Zilla Rockstone

Most guys, according to Reggie, don’t let their wives touch their phones, but he makes an exception for his. Before looking at the photos, he demanded to know what his wife was doing on his phone.

After seeing the video, one viewer suggested the couple create a channel on YouTube where they could regularly upload content like this.

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