HOT: Alleged Video Of James And His Partner In Bed Hits Social Media After Afia Schwar Threatened Tonardo

A supposed snippet video of Afia Schwarzenegger’s alleged gay son has gone viral on social media.

Maame Ngege, Afia Schwarzenegger’s rival, allegedly showed a snippet of James and his partner in bed.

According to Maame Ngege, the video is being shared on Whatsapp but cannot be shared on other social media platforms.

She confirmed with Tonardo that Afia Schwar’s son, James, is allegedly gay and that there is a bedroom video of him online.

This follows Afia Schwarzenegger and Tonardo’s recent heated exchange!

Nana Tonardo was recently threatened by Afia to drop the bedroom video of her son if he truly has anything of the sort.

Afia Schwar wagers $2000 on Tonardo producing video evidence to support his claims that her son James is gay.

Tonardo has yet to provide evidence to back up his claims, but Ngege has jumped on the case with a rumored videotape!

We obviously cannot share such a video – but as mentioned, Maame Ng3g3 has it all over her wall.

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