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It’s Akuapem Poloo, of course. A Muslim man was born to me since I have always considered myself a Muslim.

Rosemond Alade Brown, better known by her stage name Akuapem Poloo, claims that her desire to convert to Islam began when she met her baby daddy many years ago.

The brand influencer became Muslim two weeks ago and now goes by the Muslim name Haniya.
Many people said she converted just to be trendy and make fun of the Muslim faith.
However, the actress has refuted those accusations, citing some life decisions she made years ago as proof of her decision to convert.

Akuapem Poloo and Ameyaw Debrah

In a recent interview with AmeyawTV, Akuapem Poloo revealed that if she had married her then-boyfriend and baby daddy, she would have become a Muslim.
She stated:

I always wanted a son who would follow Islam, so I made sure I had one. In 2012, I was the most talked-about Poloo, and I gave birth to a Muslim guy; that should tell you how I feel about Muslims. I was all set to convert and get hitched to the father of my child, but unfortunately, our relationship didn’t work out.

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