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Taylor Swift Sued by Author Over Alleged Intellectual Property Theft

Taylor Swift has been sued by the author of an old poetry book for allegedly stealing the design for her own offering nearly a decade later.

The author, Teresa La Dart, filed a suit against Taylor Swift, claiming she lifted crucial elements of her published work.

The work is a 2010 book called “Lover” that includes poems, anecdotes, and photos for the singer’s 2019 book.

Taylor has her “Lover” album, but Teresa is going after her for the accompanying book she released as a companion piece to the hit record.

La Dart insists the similarities between what she put out and what Taylor released are too close to ignore.

She says Taylor saw her book and then essentially created a carbon copy, trying to pass it off as an original.

As for what exactly she thinks is so alike between her book and Taylor’s, there are a few things.

Aside from the title, La Dart states her book is a “recollection of former years recorded in a combination of textual and graphic components,” which is precisely what Taylor accomplished.

La Dart also claims the style of the photos featured on the cover and foreword is very similar.

She pointed specifically to the pastel pinks and blues in the colour schemes of both books.

La Dart is convinced the Swift book infringed on her copyright and is now suing Taylor over it.

She’s asking for over a million dollars because Taylor’s book sold at least 2.9 million copies in the U.S. alone.

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