Dwyane Wade has filed paperwork to legally alter his daughter’s name and gender to those of a female.

Former NBA players Dwyane Wade has taken legal action to get his transgender kid legally renamed and given a new gender. Zaya, Wade’s daughter, came out to the world at the age of 12, as reported by Face2Face Africa. Gabrielle Union-Wade is her stepmother, and both her biological father and her have been there for her.

The ex-Miami Heat player reportedly submitted the paperwork in Los Angeles County. In the court filings, Wade asks the judge to recognize his daughter’s gender transition and to legally change her name from Zion Malachi Airamis Wade to Zaya Malachi Airamis Wade.

Dwyane Wade

Because his daughter is underage, the 40-year-old father of four submitted the petition on her behalf. In addition to mentioning Zaya’s mother, Wade stated in the filing that he does not need her permission to make choices on her behalf.

“Pursuant to the conditions of the Final Custody Judgment, (Wade) has complete authority to make decisions on behalf of the petitioning child, and he is not needed to obtain consent from Ms. Funches-Wade. Ms. Funches-Wade has been notified of this petition as a courtesy,” it read.

‘To fit with gender identification’ is stated as a reason for the shift in the file.

Dwyane Wade has been quite forthcoming and accepting of his trans daughter. In 2020, he discussed his daughter’s sexual orientation transition with Ellen.

At home, Zaya announced, “Hey, I want to talk to you all. As for the future, I feel prepared to be authentic. I prefer the pronouns she or her be used when referring to myself. “I’d really like it if you all just called me Zaya,” he remarked.

So, here on the inside, it’s our responsibility to first, gather data by contacting all of our contacts. My wife, Gabrielle Union, has been in touch with the entire Pose cast. Our goal has been to arm ourselves with as much knowledge as possible in order to assist our daughter flourish.

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