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Respect! Stonebwoy Spotted Engaging In Communal Labour(Video)

In a recent video that surfaced on social media, the Bhim Nation CEO, Livingston Etse Satekla, also known as Stonebwoy was seen partaking in communal labor.


In the video, it could be noticed that Stonebwoy selflessly engaged in the distilling of the choked cutters.

Fans and other passers-by gave their respect because even though he is a celebrity of class, he humbled himself and helped in the cleaning of the community.

Our Testimonial: Stonebwoy has shown the way that, even though you can be of a high class when it comes to nation-building, we should all come together as one and help each other no matter the differences in class or religion.

This news was first published on GHNEWSFILE.

Source: Ghnewsfile.com

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