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Social Media Users React As Sister Derby Goes Completely N*de To Celebrate 38th Birthday

Sister Derby turns 38 today, and to commemorate the occasion, she choose to pose completely [email protected].

Derby is depicted in a photo provided by blogger Sammykay painted like a work of art. She doesn’t even have her favorite yellow “pioto,” which she adores wearing, and she looks absolutely [email protected]. She left no area of the body up to the spectators’ imagination.

Fans of the musician who were shocked by the incident reacted in wonder. Astonished, Instagram user @Black the2 yelled, “Eiii!”.

With their distinctive wearing styles, Deborah and her brother Wanluv the Kubolor have carved out a space for themselves. They made the decision to dress outside of what appeared to be the social norm.

Singer Deborah Vanessa Owusu-Bonsu was once Medikal’s girlfriend. With the release of her song “Ghana Jollof,” Vanessa rose to fame. She said that the purpose of the song, which was intended only to torment her Nigerian brothers, was to make her famous.

Pure Water, Kakalika Love, Ghana Jollof, Too Risky, Sweet Ex, and many others are examples of her musical compositions. Miss Owusu-Bonsu enjoys stirring up trouble.

As usual, we can’t upload such photos here but the n*de photos are available to view on Sammykay’s Instagram profile or click here.

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