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Vicky Pattison shed a stone months after removing her contraceptive implant. [See Show-off Photos]

Vicky Pattison and her fiance, Ercan Ramadan, are now on vacation in Corfu.

Ercan Ramadan

And last week, Vicky Pattison posted a series of Instagram photos flaunting her trim physique, prompting her followers to wonder how she does it.

The stunning 34-year-old, whose family was also celebrating the holiday with her, admitted to having a stone after the removal of her contraceptive implant.

Vicky looked stunning in a bright pink PrettyLittleThing swimsuit with a tropical leaf motif as she enthusiastically posed for the camera.

Her abundant assets were on display in the plunging bathing suit, and her hourglass figure was highlighted by the belt.

Vicky, her dark hair falling to her shoulders, took in the gorgeous scenery outside her luxurious villa.

The former Geordie Shore actress was later asked on Instagram stories how she manages to maintain her weight loss while posting photos of herself chowing down on food.

Vicky responded, “Roughly a year ago, I had my contraceptive implant removed. I did it primarily because I needed to live without synthetic hormones in my body, but it also saw me drop about a stone in 3 months…”

Vicky Pattison

Vicky updated her 5.2 million followers on her trip by posting pictures from her perfect getaway.

Later, the TV star wore a chic black swimsuit from her line and posed in a variety of ways for the cameras.

This outfit was “very flattering,” as she put it because it clung to her attractive curves.

Before this, earlier this month, Vicky shared another bikini photo accompanied by a lengthy body positivity message.

Vicky had full-on makeup for the first photo. On the other, she is smi wearing no makeup.

The stunning young lady wrote, “Same girl, same body, same self-worth… This is not a “before and after” picture or an attempt to sell you a miracle cure.

All bodies change and evolve, and it’s important to remember that this in no way diminishes their inherent worth or beauty.

“Here I am, freshly sprayed, wearing a skim inhaling (duh), and having carefully considered my composition.

Vicky Pattison

In contrast, she says, “In the second, my spray tan is faded, I’m wearing my favorite nude undies from Marks and Sparks, which are definitely designed more for comfort than fashion or seduction, and I’m just letting it all hang out!”

“I love social media, but the big problem is that it has made “perfect” seem normal, and no one is interested in normal anymore!” Which is disappointing because I enjoy life when everything is normal. The terms “lovely,” “nice,” and “normal” bring me a great deal of happiness it’s grocery shopping for the dog, missing a nail, or having a potbelly, I accept normalcy.

The media figure continued, saying, “It’s normal to have lumps and bumps, skin texture, tiger stripes, stretch marks, cellulite, and rolls. So regardless of what you see on social media today- don’t let it change how you see yourself, and how you feel about your own body, and never let it take some of your sunlight…

‘Because as we’ve established… most of what you see online is a load of shite anyway. Have a great day everyone.’

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