Upon viewing She-Hulk, Kevin Smith exclaims, “What a charming little sitcom.”

The first two episodes of Marvel’s She-Hulk have been well-received by viewers, and the show has generated considerable discussion on social media. To that end, I’m curious as to Kevin Smith’s take on the matter. Here at Ghnewsfile, that is one of our favorite questions to ask, and we are grateful to Smith for answering it for us.

Listen to Kevin Smith‘s official opinions on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law in the latest episode of his Fatman Beyond podcast with writer/producer Marc Bernardin.

Kevin Smith

At first, I’m sure some folks were like, “Oh, that CG…” I can’t say, “Well, that’s not what a real She-Hulk looks like,” since the character doesn’t exist in real life. Incredible… in so many ways, your main character is gigantic, talking, walking special effects. Not since Alf has a sitcom… invested so heavily in establishing its protagonist. On the contrary, I found it to be entertaining. I enjoy comedy and think it’s a good fit. More Hulk appeared in this episode than in recent memory, and it appears that we are being prepared for something akin to — spoilers — “World War Hulk” in the future. They’re a backdoor pilot for a potential World War Hulk spinoff series based on the Incredible Hulk. From the looks of the budget, it seems like they’re including Bruce Banner/Smart Hulk quite heavily.”

Sulky: “She-Hulk “, or “Comics Carol” as we old timers may remember her from. Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk. What a delightful comedy series Marvel has created. It was hilariously entertaining to me. That bit where she’s talking to the camera is so classic Deadpool; I know a lot of people are thinking “Oh, that’s Deadpool,” but trust me, that’s from the comics, back when John Byrne was writing the character. Have fun with it! Having fun with themselves; being able to poke fun at themselves and their universe; expanding the Marvel Universe comedically – comedy has always been a key element of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but this pushes into it more heavily than anything else.

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Kevin Smith did find fault with Episode 2 of She-Hulk despite all the love he gave it:

“Just before we started the performance, I saw the second episode, and my only criticism is that it was way too light. About 23 minutes went by. The length of an Alf, right there! There’s a funny after-credits sequence and some other stuff, but it doesn’t further the plot. The second episode was brief, though. But it’s great fun for me. In my opinion, that was a great bonus.”


Smith also recognizes the grim reality of online trolls who have been reviewing bombing She-Hulk and spreading hate speech against the film. Smith claims that a preference for She-Hulk has nothing to do with a person’s political or social leanings.

It has more to do with the fact that Marvel is doing humor, leaning into the humor of it all, than with the fact that the Internet is probably shredding me or calling me awake or what the f*ck. Also, building on their mythology.

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