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Watch Moment DR. UN Tried Intimidating Delay On Her Show And Warned Her To Be Careful – Video

On her show, Dr. UN tried to scare Delay in a viral video by cautioning her to be careful about the things she asks him and we believe it could pose a threat.

Dr. Un warned Delay to use caution while asking him questions, saying that he’s not the small man we think he is because he’s been interviewed on CNN and other major platforms. Delay, as usual, asked Dr. Un an intriguing question about why he skipped bail in 2018 but he never wanted to respond.

Dr. UN advised Delay to exercise caution when speaking to her and attempt to drag things along with him for her safety. Delay questioned whether this was a warning or a threat because it seemed like he was doing everything in his power to scare her.

This is going to be a fun interview because, based on how Dr. UN dodges practically every question Delay poses to him other one regarding his award, we can assume he won’t respond to those when the whole interview is broadcast.

Watch video below;

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