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“Did I Make A Mistake?” – Ajagurajah Asks After He Bought Everything From A Wakye Seller To Piss Off A Guy Who Disrespected Him

Ajagurajah demonstrated his financial dominance and authority over a man he believed had treated him disrespectfully.

The Spiritual Leader claims that he went to a Wakye Seller to get some Wakye as a safeguard against being poisoned. Given his standing and the quantity of people in line, the seller gave him preference to be serviced first.

The Wakye Seller’s choice to serve Ajagurajah before the other clients was questioned by an unhappy customer who felt that he should be attended to first.

The Ajagurajah Movement President was not pleased with this. He purchased everything from the Wakye Seller and made full payment for it.

According to Bishop, he packed everything into his car and left after payment.

This was to teach the guy a lesson for insisting that the Wakye has to be served on first come first served basis.

Watch the video below;

Source: Ghnewsfile.Com

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