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The dramatic aspect of pregnancy Side chick disrupts and spoils her boyfriend’s wedding with a different lady (Watch video)

According to a video became viral online, a woman broke into her ex-wedding boyfriend‘s to ruin it.
Anthony, the distressed guy, had just begun to enter a new chapter in his life when his mistress arrived with all of her wahala to ruin everything.

The unnamed woman questioned his boyfriend, the groom to be, about why he was ignoring her and acting as if he did not know her even though she was carrying his child.

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Despite this, the wedding proceeded as planned despite her temper tantrums and vain attempts to stop it.

The bride’s daughter, who was one of her bridesmaids, continued to yell, but eventually, she could take no more and decided to take matters into her own hands.

She even acted aggressively toward the side chic, telling her to leave her mother’s wedding and acting if she wanted to beat the woman up.

It took prompt action from wedding guests and even the bride to regain control and stop the side chic from being thrashed into submission.

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