As a musician, taking home a Grammys award is like winning the World Cup.

An artist from Ghana living in the Netherlands under the stage name Smallgod, Nana Appiasei, has compared winning the Grammys to lifting the world championship trophy.

You must strive to win the Grammys as a musician because, in his words, “not winning a Grammy award as a musician is like playing football and not getting selected for the world cup competition.”


“Winning the Grammys on top of winning the VGMA is like winning the world cup for a football player, but I don’t know if the Grammy is overrated or not,” Smallgod said to Amansan Krakye.

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In an exclusive one-on-one interview on the Kastle Entertainment Show, the “Gidi Gidi” hitmaker and tycoon Smallgod claimed that winning the Grammy Awards elevates a singer to a higher level.

But winning the Grammys elevates you to a level where it’s like achieving enormous success; after all, isn’t that what you’re looking for in music? he continued.

“Is it just the music or the money or what, but everyone and what they want,” he said in his conclusion. “However, some feel that winning the Grammy is an indication of good work done and it puts you on another level.”

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