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Bloated Stomach Or Pregnancy? – Netizens React As Video Exposes Serwaa Amihere’s Huge Tummy

Serwaa Amihere, a media personality, has gained popularity when her clothes business launched.

Over the weekend, Serwaa Amihere opened her new clothing line business, inviting guests and loved ones to show their support. As fans flocked in massive numbers to Kempinsky to purchase her collections, it was a very busy day for the media star who had to do a lot of hugging, grinning, and gratitude.

Serwaa Amihere was therefore seen in numerous videos using a variety of motions and stances. Serwaa can be seen in one of the videos having a huge stomach. She is spotted with what appears to be a nice bump or pot belly! Fans seem to be unsure if that is a bloated stomach or a pregnancy.

We all agree that Serwaa always has a really snatched-looking abdomen. She does not have extra belly fat, but this video shows a lot still.

It appears Serwaa Amihere has been misleading us all by pretending to have a flat stomach.

Watch the video below;

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