See Funny Video of Clemento Suarez’s Farewell to Anne Sophie Ave

Ghanaians were devastated when the French ambassador to Ghana, Anne Sophie Ave, announced her departure.

Anne Sophie actively promoted cultural exchanges between France and Ghana while working directly with the entertainment sector. She is also renowned for being everywhere at events, which frequently led to her appearance in a number of viral videos.

She succeeded in bridging the chasm between diplomacy and “clumsiness” through her efforts in a flawlessly balanced way that won over everyone. A recent send-off party with a star-studded lineup was held in her honor and was exquisite in every way.

As the diplomat’s days in Ghana countdown to her departure, more adorable videos from the sendoff party pop up. One such video is comedian Clemento Suarez’s grand gesture of carrying Anne Sophie in his arms.

Check out the video below.

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