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What Is Darren Barnet’s Trick To Playing A Teen Heartthrob In His 30’s? A Sound Skincare Program

Darren Barnet has established himself as one of Hollywood’s most adored teen heartthrobs as a result of the smash Netflix series Never Have I Ever. The Los Angeles native has been portraying high school hunk Paxton Hall-Yoshida for the past three seasons.

Darren Barnet

But as some fans have discovered, Barnet is no longer a teenager. Instead, he’s a 30-year-old Hollywood star who simply knows how to maintain his youth. His skincare regimen also happens to be his secret.

Playing A Younger Character Is “Not A New Formula” For Darren Barnet

When it was revealed that Barnet is significantly older than the rest of the group, some fans were undoubtedly shocked. The actor and the show’s lead actor, newbie Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, who dates the actor’s character on the show, are 10 years apart in age.

But if anyone asks Barnet, playing a younger character in a teen drama is nothing new. The actor affirmed, “It’s not a new formula. “Look at Grease and 90210; Kenickie was about to withdraw money from his 401(k). He was a [old] man! Having fun!

It turns out that when Barnet was being cast for Never Have I Ever, no one was aware of his advanced age.

The show’s co-creator with Mindy Kaling, Lang Fisher, said, “You can’t ask someone their age when they audition. Simply presume that they are a decent age. I don’t believe we discovered his age until the middle of the season, at which point we were like, “Oh, OK.” I guessed he was around 20.

She said, however, that it would be difficult to find an actor who is the right age for the part. Fisher continued, “And the other thing I will say is when you see an actual 15-year-old boy, they just aren’t going to be a heartthrob. They appear to be a little infant.

In the end, according to Fisher, Darren Barnet won them over since he resembled Paxton in every way.

She said, “I wanted your Jordan Catalano [from My So-Called Life] or Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet—a guy who you just fawn over—for Paxton, borrowing from the teen series I watched when I was a youngster.

Being an aloof, cool guy, Darren excelled at the swoon-worthy material, but he was also excellent at the comedic material in his audition.

Barnet believes that his gorgeous appearance is a direct product of his mother’s great genes. The actor added that his mother was also in part to blame for instilling in him the value of proper skincare at a young age.

And now he represents Sunday Riley, a cruelty-free skincare line that also has Phoebe Dynevor of Bridgerton as an ambassador.

When asked about his relationship with the company, Barnet replied, “They let me try all their equipment for about a month, and as soon as I knew it was fantastic, I agreed to work with them.”

“I cleanse my face every day. I apply a moisturizer, then their lactic acid treatment, then a vitamin C skin oil.

He apparently like Sunday Riley’s Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment, which promises to lighten dark spots and smooth fine wrinkles in just three minutes.

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The procedure exfoliates the skin as well, leaving it smooth and radiant. For Barnet, who likes to keep his skin hydrated at all times, this is quite important. “I routinely check to see if my skin is dry. I detest having dry skin; it’s not even for vanity,” he said. “I always moisturize because it’s the worst sensation in the world.”

Although Barnet appears to have a good skincare routine, the actor acknowledges that playing a younger character occasionally causes stress. I make an effort not to be too hard on myself when I’m viewing it. He continued, “I was like, ‘Oh, God, I look so much older than this person.

“That’s a mental health point I’ve had to consider. I’ve [had to] get used to seeing in the mirror and understanding that I’m not 18. I’m not that person.

He also views playing Paxton as a terrific incentive to maintain peak physical condition. Although I work hard to keep my body in good shape, Barnet said that lately, her main priority has been feeling good overall.

“So, overall, it’s been positive. I am forced to be active and in shape as a result. Even though it can occasionally feel stressful, I’m happy to have that opportunity.

Not to mention that it’s enjoyable to portray a teenager at his age. Being able to play high school sports in your forties is good, according to Barnet.

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