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Jeff Bezos has an $80 million stake in Drake, LeBron James’ next NBA target. Does He?

According to BloggerKayrico of Ghnewsfile, LeBron James, a star in the NBA, has frequently expressed his desire to own a team. The former MVP is already a small stakeholder in the English Premier League soccer team Liverpool. He recently stated his ambition to own a Las Vegas NBA team. James is currently the first NBA player who is still playing who is a billionaire. The Los Angeles Lakers star is reportedly worth $1.2 billion. To own a franchise in the league, though, might not be sufficient.

The four-time NBA champion is always free to team up with someone to purchase a club ar to his heart. Jeff Bezos, the creator of Amazon and a multibillionaire businessman and investor, could certainly assist. To concentrate on “new products and early initiatives,” Bezos has formally handed Andy Jassy the position of company CEO.

Jeff Bezos

Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA, has suggested that the league might expand shortly. No of the location, Bezos owning one of the new clubs whenever the league grows would make suggested mes is the ideal person to teach him the rules of the NBA. The superstar Lakers player has been playing in the league for a very long time. and is well-versed in the league. James’ connections from his stint in the NBA may also be useful.

LeBron James made a highly successful investment in the soccer team Liverpool. In April 2011, he paid $6.5 million for 2% of Liverpool with his business partner Maverick Carter. Additionally, the club experienced great success after Jürgen Klopp was hired as the head coach. In 2019 they won the Champions League, and in 2020 they won their fiPrepremierue championship.

LeBron James

Therefore, LeBron James and Jeff Bezos could rule if they joined forces to acquire an NBA team. However, it must be taken into account that NBA icon Michael Jordan has had limited success as an owner thus far.

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