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When Are You Going To Die? – Anita Akuffo’s Crude Answer To A Fan Who Asked Her A Silly Question.

Anita Akuffo, a TV host, was very rude to a fan who asked her when she plans to get married.

Someone on Twitter named @GhInnow asked Miss Akuffo when she plans to get married. Anita didn’t like the question, so she gave a harsh answer.

She asked the guy when he would die in response. Anita is slowly getting better at using Twitter.

Before this, Anita had been asked if she had ever been with someone. She said, “No, I haven’t.” That’s why the guy was worried about when the TV host was going to get married.

From the guy’s point of view, if Anita is her age and isn’t in a relationship, he has a right to wonder when she plans to settle down.

But Miss Anita Akuffo’s answer is just, “You don’t have the right to ask me that.”

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