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Wickedness; Nollywood legend Fabian Adibe alleges his wife was sacked just because of this reason

Fabian Adibe, a veteran actor, says, “My wife was fired because she’s not from Enugu, even though she’s an Igbo woman from Abia.”

When you hear about how an Igbo woman from Abia state was fired from the civil service in Enugu state because she is not from the state, you will understand what Tinubu did in Lagos when he made Igbo people commissioners.

Fabian Adibe, a well-known actor from Nigeria, has said that Nollywood is not the same as it used to be. He said that getting a part in a movie back then had nothing to do with tribe or family. He said that things were much easier in the past because everyone, no matter where they were from, worked together.

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In the report from The Cable, the actor said that his wife was fired from her job in Enugu because she is not from the state, even though she is Igbo and was married to an Imo man. He said that something like that would not have happened back then because Nigeria was not tribal back then.

He said, “My wife lost her job in 1997 because she was not from Enugu. She was an Igbo woman from Abia State who was married to a man from Imo State. This wouldn’t have happened in our time. Back then, Nigeria was one.”

Back in the day, Fabian Adibe was one of the most famous names in Nollywood. He ruled the movie scene for almost four decades, but he quit about twelve years ago. In an interview a few months ago, he said that he left the business because of something he called “packaging.” And that he would be given three scripts to act, then paid for two of them but not the third. He said that he didn’t want to be a part of such a deal, so he quit acting.

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