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Parents wanted to fire a curvy teacher, but Fat Joe defended her. (see why)

Fat Joe is defending a kindergarten teacher whose parents are supposedly giving her bad reviews because they can’t handle her curvy body.

Fat Joe

When Fat Joe posted a video to social media, he said, “They’re trying to fire her because she’s too hot.” “She’s too beautiful. Her body is too round.”

The rapper said that he remembered that his teacher was “one of a kind” and very pretty.

“I say let the woman be great,” Fat Joe said. “Can a person be fired because of how they look? Can a teacher be fired for being unattractive? “How can you just fire a teacher for being bad?”

The teacher has more than 800,000 followers on Instagram, and she uses the site to talk passionately about her students and job.

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“A teacher’s job is to teach. How we affect children is something that most people don’t know.” I’m speaking as a former student who needed more love and understanding “In an Instagram post, she said. “We’re like the absent parents. We are the guide, the caretaker, the extra love, and the way out. We have a lot of different qualities.”

The teacher talked about what was going on live on social media. She said that, despite the backlash, some moms have stood up for her.

In a YouTube video clip, she said, “It scares me and blows my mind that this is a thing.” “I thought it was funny at first. I felt like I was giving away everything I had. But not right now, because it’s getting to me.”

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