(0:1)Leicester City vrs Manchester United: Sancho Gets United Ahead To Win Against Leicester City.(Review And Full Highlights)

Bloggerkayrico of Ghnewsfile gives a review and highlights on the match between Leicester City and Manchester United

The match day of Leicester City vrs Manchester United has made the talk of the day. Manchester United, according to Ten Hag is ready to put momentum in today’s kickoff of the match

The first half of the game has been really tough as the two teams all put their all into the game until Sancho sneaked one counterattack goal I n for Manchester United in the 22nd minute. From the looks of things, it looks like the ball was in total domination at the side of Manchester United.

The Man United team seems to have total control of their defense. Not long after, Erickson launched a powerful shot which was stopped by Leicester City’s goalie.  Manchester United around the 30th to 40th minutes seems to have lost their enthusiasm.

Vardy from Leicester City committed a foul against Malacia of Man U which was said to have been a clear-cut. After the ball was taken, Leicester City launched a dangerous counterattack which resulted in nothing and they lost possession to the defense of the opponent.

The game was interesting to watch as both teams push their limits enforcing their midfield and defenses. Malacia received a card after making a dangerous tackle on Madison which he gave away a free kick.

And there it is, the referee blows the whistle to end the first half of Leicester City and Manchester United match


Players are back with the full heat for the second half. The referee starts the match.  The Man Utd players are not doing well with keeping the possession this second half.

A dangerous counterattack by Leicester.  He gets brought down by Martinez in a dangerous position. Madison stands behind the ball and launches a long shot that got pushed away by De Gea.

The game has been interesting so far. Each side battles the other not wanting to give away possession. Leicester City put their backs into the game, and they won a free kick just outside the 18yard box.  Madison behind the ball shoots but gets cleared away by the defense, they another shot but De Gea is to the rescue.

In the 67th minute, Ronaldo was substituted. India won a free kick after a body balance from Ronaldo. The pass completions for Manchester United hahaveeen poor during this 70th minute.  Manchester United couldn’t hold the ball thus they adopted the method of long shots and passes.

Ronaldo launches a bicycle kick which goes way off target. That was a decent effort though. In the 84th minute, Vardy takes down Malacia giving away a free kick to Man Utd. Inheanacho of Leicester City clearing the ball almost scored an own goal.

Here are the highlights gathered from the game;

The referee adds 4mins to seal the game. And the referee blows his whistle and it’s all over.

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