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“I can’t believe I came to America to bury my BEST friend.” Timaya Expresses Grief.

Interim Odon, who goes by the name Timaya and is a popular Nigerian singer, has died.

Timaya said on Twitter that he just lost his best friend, right after they got back together.

“I can’t believe I came to America to bury my BEST friend. Nnamdi why? And we just made up,” he wrote on Twitter.

Since then, his fans on social media have been comforting him about the big loss.

Remember that Timaya had already said he didn’t leave the woman he was said to have been in an accident with on March 2, 2022.

He said that his team went to see the woman at the hospital right after what happened and stayed there until midnight. The next day, he went to her house. Timaya said,

“I was asked to go to the station when I went to the woman’s house to comfort her after what happened. This morning, I was there as early as 7 a.m. When we came out of the house, that’s when we saw the police. I went to her house to show how sorry I was. “I would have been there yesterday (Wednesday), but I had to go to Ogun State right away for something important. But members of my team were with her all day at the hospital and home until midnight.

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Timaya also said that the police did not arrest him but rather “asked him to come in for questioning.” He said, “The police have never stopped me. I only went to the Maroko Police Station because I was asked to. I went to the hospital to see the woman after that.”

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