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Emem Thomas of the dragon squad (female bouncers) drops the category of female bouncers she hires. (See)

A Nigerian woman who is in charge of a group of female bouncers says she can’t hire anyone who isn’t fat and attractive.

Emem Thomas, a Nigerian woman, is the leader of a group of female Gallant bouncers in Nigeria called the Dragon Squad. She has said that she can’t hire people who aren’t fat and pretty to join the Gallant bouncers.
She thought that women could lead and protect lives just like male bouncers if they put their minds to it and believed it.

She said that their job is to make people happy and protect them with their bodies, so she got a bunch of fat girls together to form a group of Gallant bouncers called the Dragon squad.

She also said that her job is to carry fat women, help them get changed, and train them to be bouncers.

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“My job is to carry women who are even fat past me to work as a bouncer. People say we can do the work, which is my challenge.
They think that since we stand for events, all we do is decorate “,

She posted a video of her female bouncers, which made people talk and react.

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