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Davido – Most of my money comes from Nigeria; for a naming ceremony, I can make up to $100,000

David Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, is an Afrobeat singer. He has said that most of his income as an artist does not come from outside of Africa.

Davido told Nigerian-American rapper Wale during an interview with Complex that he doesn’t make as much money in the US as he does in Africa.

“Until now, most of the money I make comes from Africa because, in America, we are seen as I won’t say “up-and-coming,” but I won’t get the same bang I will get over here unless it’s a big festival.”

In a recent interview with Complex, the singer of “Fia Fia” talked about how much money his music makes him in Africa.

He said, “But in Nigeria or Africa when someone has a baby and has a naming ceremony, they will call you and pay you $100,000 (N42 million) to sing two songs. Do you understand? “Because Africans like to party and have fun.”

The leader of 3BG says that he makes more money in Africa and is less likely to make as much as artists in the US. The hitmaker also talked about how he works and what advice he gives to other Nigerian musicians who live abroad.


In May 2022, Davido came out with a new song called “Stand Strong.” The Samples Choir was on it. The Naija banquet says that the song is different from how the Nigerian singer usually hops and dances. In the song, Davido talks about his journey in music and the fights he has to face every day.

David Adeleke, a big name in Nigerian music, just charged an events management company, 2icentertainment, $300,000 to put on a show in Kenya.

A person who knew about the deal told the local newspaper Nation, “I know that Davido charged them $250,000 for his performance fees, and the extra $50,000 was for his private jet.”

“The last time we took him to Kenya, we paid the same amount for performance fees. However, we got a discount on his private jet and only paid $18,000, but that was a long time ago. I think they tried to talk down the price, but it didn’t work out.”

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