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Debbie Rowe, Ex-wife Of Michael Jackson Expresses Regret And Shockingly Suggests She Was Partly To Blame For His Death(Read).

Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson’s ex-wife, talked about how sad she was about the death of the pop star in a new documentary for Fox TV.

Remember that the King of Pop and father of three died at the age of 50 in 2009 from an overdose of Propofol that caused a cardiac arrest. This happened as he was getting ready for a 50-night residency at London’s O2 Arena.

Debbie, who is 63 years old, cried as she told the cameras that she felt like she could have done more during her husband’s painkiller addiction.

Debbie said:

“I should have taken action, but I didn’t. Several people have died because of their addictions, and I was involved in some way.”

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Ex-LAPD coroner Ed Winter said in the documentary that the singer of “Thriller” died of a heart attack in June 2009. He had enough of the powerful sedative Propofol in his body to put down a rhinoceros.

Debbie was a surrogate mother to Jackson’s two oldest children, Prince and Paris. She was married to the singer from 1996 to 1999.

Debbie worked as an assistant for dermatologist Arnold Klein. Klein was one of the doctors who helped him feel less pain.

She told people making a documentary:

“I was just as bad as he was, and I’m so sorry I took part.”

Klein died in 2015 and was known as the “Father of Botox.” This is not the first time she has put some of the blame on him.

During a civil trial about Jackson’s death in 2013, she blamed him for giving the Thriller star money to buy drugs.

Jackson had arthritis that made him unable to walk, and his lungs were so scarred and inflamed that they were having trouble working.

His biographer, Ian Halperin, said that Jackson had an inherited disease that stopped protein from getting into his lungs. This made him gasp for air and be too weak to walk, Halperin said.

He also said that Jackson’s vision in his left eye was “95 percent gone,” and the coroner’s report later confirmed how sick the Jackson 5 singer was.

Degenerative bone disease in his spine and fingers made it hard for him to move. He also had to wait “hours to wee” because his prostate was too big, and he had a lot of problems from all the cosmetic surgery he had done over the years.

Jackson also had two rare skin conditions: vitiligo and discoid lupus. He was said to have been going from doctor to doctor to get his prescription drug fixed.

And when forensic expert Dr. Richard Shepherd looked at Jackson’s autopsy report, he said it was a “miracle” that he hadn’t died years before because his body was so old and damaged by drugs.

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