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Pretty Mike claims, “I knew Bobrisky before he was famous; he used to come to my club with the loveliest girl” (Video)

Pretty Mike, a.k.a. Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu, has spoken up about his relationship with Bobrisky. The well-known socialite opened up about how he met Bobrisky before the entertainer became well-known on social media during an interview with Vanguard TV.

Mike responded, “I knew Bobrisky since his days at the university. Due to the nature of his job at the time, he frequently came to my place of business with fair-skinned, attractive women. After I wrote about his birthday, though, people started calling me Bobrisky’s “bae,” but it didn’t stop me from hanging out with him. The photos of us having a good time at Bobrisky’s birthday helped the rumors spread.

“I wish I was Bobrisky’s bae,” he continued. I wish I could afford it, as Bobrisky disclosed that his boyfriend bought him a property and other presents. I wish I had the money to build a house for a fellow man.

the video below

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