“Go and Create 1 pls”; Bella to Sheggz

Bella is a typical example of a babe you’ll give relationship advice and the next thing you’ll see on her status is “no monkey can separate us ade ori mi”

Not long, Sheggz called Bella local, psycho, uneducated, dog, stupid babe, and other crazy names directly and indirectly only for them to end up kissing and making up.

It is extremely disturbing. It was believed by many netizens that they were just playing a game with each other. Some even said they’re both playing each other because how will you be called all that, shouted at, and  end your relationship and still accept hugs and kisses? “The intentionality behind the indecision is glaring.”

In a recent conversation between Sheggz  and Bella;

Sheggz: there is just a way I want my woman to be
Bella: go and create 1 pls

This has drawn fans and social users to talk about it wildly.

See some reactions;

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