Martin Lewis walked away while former Tory MP Edwina Currie provided energy-saving advice. (Read more)

Edwina Currie has escalated her disagreement with Martin Lewis over the cost of living situation, claiming that calling the problem a “catastrophe” “doesn’t help.”

Ms. Currie, a former Tory MP, doubled hard on her statements and then gave out energy-saving advice, leaving Mr. Lewis with his head in his hands.
She was invited to the first Martin’s Money Monday, which aired on ITV’s Good Morning Britain in September, to share her opinions with Susanna Reid and the consumer advocate.

As the price restriction is lifted, energy costs are expected to increase by 80% to £3,549 this October, and analysts’ predictions warn that yearly typical household prices would exceed £7,000 in the coming year. However, Ms. Currie encouraged Mr. Lewis on Monday morning to “advise individuals to take prudent actions to minimize the damage on their families and businesses” rather than using harsh rhetoric.

She discussed a “dirt cheap” idea she had for folks to help save energy in their homes throughout the presentation.

If you place a sheet of foil behind a radiator, Ms. Currie demonstrated, “it makes the whole room pleasant and warm.” It means you can lower your thermostat without feeling uncomfortable, she continued. Martin, Susanna, most of my age group hasn’t lived in a home with central heating, yet we are now reliant on it. And even something that small can make a big difference.

To guarantee that rooms are adequately heated, the former Tory MP also advised Britons to keep their couches away from radiators when the heaters are on.

During her appearance on Good Morning Britain, Ms. Currie shared some of her energy-saving advice.

The money-saving specialist occasionally put his head in his hands out of frustration as Ms. Currie was speaking. While “there’s nothing wrong with the tips,” Mr. Lewis said to Ms. Currie, “they are not enough.”
Finally, let’s be straightforward. In October, the price cap will increase by 80%. We anticipate further growth of 52% in January,” he stated.

“That will raise the average annual bill in the UK to £5,400. Due to their increased need for heating, many elderly frequently have higher bills. £5,400 is significantly more than half of the state pension, which is less. It is also significantly more than the previous state pension.

The two got into an online spat last week after Ms. Currie criticized the consumer advocate for referring to the cost of the living situation as a “catastrophe.” Ms. Currie advised him to “stop believing that governments can solve everything” during a conversation on Twitter.
Meanwhile, Mr. Martin Lewis retaliated, telling the former health minister that the term was appropriate considering how much energy prices are anticipated to increase later this year.

Bills have increased, but Mr. Lewis has criticized the government’s existing program to assist households, calling MPs’ actions “zombie-like.”
The winner of the Tory leadership contest – due to be announced later today – is expected to unveil a new package of support within days of taking office.

Leading candidate Liz Truss promised to take office within a week of the election results being known.
She is thinking about freezing energy rates, according to reports that appeared in the Times and Telegraph on Monday.

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