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A young woman with 2 Reproductive Organs recalls with tears how her father abandoned her because of her condition.

A young woman who has been identified as a hermaphrodite recalls how her father abandoned her and her mother due to her condition.

It was sad and unbelievable as she explained what she had been through. The young lady emotionally explained her childhood experience with her parents after they gave birth to her and saw her with a male and female reproductive organ.

The post’s caption read:
“Bitter truth. My dad abandoned me my min because I had both male and female organs. I know I will be fine”

Reacting to this, @user7337968762136 wrote:
“The people that don’t believe are ignorant because anybody that is in the medical field knows that this happens more often than people know.”

@user1481705239992 wrote:
“Nature is nothing for no one to judge cz no one gets the chance to chug. the there was a chance to chug a lot would be different. it is what it is #bless”

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