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Karen [email protected] A Laura Gagnon For Not Wearing A [email protected] While Jogging (Video)

Social media has been flooded with footage of an assault on indigenous lady Laura Gagnon by a white woman in Ottawa.

During a run in an Ottawa park, Gagnon claimed that a lady attacked her because she wasn’t wearing a bra.

You can see the woman attacking her and attempting to steal her phone in the footage. Gagnon accidentally loses her phone, but she eventually picks it up and takes it with her when she returns to her car. Assuming that Gagnon had stolen the white woman’s phone, a horde of people (dressed like zombies) allegedly began harassing her by banging on her car window and demanding that she hand over the device.

Near Billings Bridge on Wednesday at around 6:40 p.m., Ottawa police were summoned to the scene. to file a collision report. The battered woman was there when they arrived. According to the Ottawa Police Department’s Twitter feed, police conducted an investigation and ultimately apprehended a 37-year-old female suspect.

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According to police in Ottawa, the white woman in the video has been charged with assault and issued a promise to appear in court. Police in Ottawa says they’ve reached out to the Laura Gagnon with support and assurances that the case is being handled thoroughly.

Likewise, the Ottawa Police Department advised Gagnon to make a report regarding the event. The perpetrator’s identity, the woman who assaulted Gagnon, has not been made public.

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