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Actress Deloris Donkor claimed that only the underprivileged condemn those who engage in body enhancement.

Deloris Donkor, a Ghanaian socialite, and aspiring actress have warned people to stop criticizing those who have physical enhancement procedures since they might do the same if they had the money.

Deloris said that women shouldn’t be judged for wanting to seem more attractive and self-assured on Daily Hustle on SVTV Africa. She continued by saying that they are financially independent and do not require others’ approval.

“If doing anything will boost your confidence, go for it. I believe that those who criticize these individuals lack the necessary resources and would likely perform much worse if they did. Who are you to tell them they shouldn’t undergo breast enhancements if they think doing so will boost their confidence?

Do you have an idea of what you would do with the money? If you get the money but decide not to do it, we’ll be able to tell if your opinion is valid. You disrespect someone even when you only have a single room and no restroom, Deloris Donkor said to DJ Nyaami.

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Miss Donkor is well-known for having enormous boobs on social media. Deloris claimed that when she was a teen, she was self-conscious about her breasts. But as she grew older, she became more assured and proud. Deloris said that a professor used her as a point of reference while he was preaching.

“He warned the females not to act like me because I let boys touch my breasts, which is why they were large,” she said. But now, I feel assured. She recalled, “I can’t imagine myself without my boobs.

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