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Meet The Nigerian King Who Stood Up To Queen Elizabeth II’s Genocide Attack

At a meeting in Kaduna with the paramount traditional rulers in Nigeria and Queen Elizabeth II of England, Attah Ameh Oboni, a revered Igala King, was requested to remove his cap to greet the Queen.

He refused to remove his cap until they told him to go. Attah was different, right?

In public, Attah couldn’t remove his cap. The hall where they were residing was filled with bees from Attah Ameh Oboni’s cap, which he removed to greet the Queen.

The Queen of England and other rulers fled the gathering, except the amiable Oba of Benin, who was requested to leave before removing his cap. As bees stung people, the conference terminated.

Attah Ameh Oboni asked to be detained and handcuffed, but the shackles fell off.

On the Northern authorities’ orders, he was kept in a room and watched by guards, but they later discovered he had left. Yes, when he was being locked up, he told his driver, Amanabo of hallowed memory, to drive to Idah.

He told Amanabo not to look back until the automobile felt cool. Amanabo claimed he couldn’t leave the Attah there, but later obeyed and drove to Idah from Kaduna.

He felt the chilly air in the automobile and saw Attah Ameh inside.

The incident in the meeting angered many northern traditional rulers, notably forcing kings to run because of bees.

It was “one sin too many”

The queen of England was also unhappy, and she and northern leaders looked for a way to remove Attah Ameh from the throne since he was increasingly harder and unpredictable, as well as an obedient replacement.

Italy’s cultural festivals include Ocho. Attah Igala prays during Ocho for sufficient rainfall, a bountiful harvest, and hunting success. It’s celebrated in the bush at Ere-Ocho, where the Attah hunts a Buffalo or strong animal. Ocho happens in Ogo-Efa, Idah. He sacrifices a bird to the ancestors to determine if the area would be blessed or troubled after the Ocho.

Before this, his detractors at home (among the Igala), especially those with ties to northern leaders, were looking for any proof, true or fictitious, to remove him from the throne. The adversaries used the sacrificed animal’s blood against Ocho.

Two Igala people petitioned the Queen and other Northern leaders that Attah Ameh sacrificed victims during Ocho ceremonies. Since they were looking for any way to dethrone him, the decision was made quickly, even though investigations weren’t complete.

All Igala cultural festivals, including the Ocho, were forbidden for almost 63 years until Governor Yahaya Bello unbanned them on the appeal of the current Attah Igala.

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The Oba of Benin, who had a conflict with the British, had already been dethroned and exiled. Attah Ameh Oboni knew that no spiritual approach could stop the awful day since his opponents wouldn’t stop until he was gone.

The blood sample retrieved from Ocho and analyzed at the University of Ibadan proved to be animal blood, not human blood. Attah Ameh died before the result was known.

Attah Ameh, certain he was unfairly charged and framed by his adversaries, notably those from Igala who authored the petition against him, made certain remarks before his death.

He allegedly said, “The person who wrote the petition against me will have their hand dried up, and the petitioners’ leader will be buried three times.” Everything happened.

While one hand dried, the other was buried. His leg, hand, and himself were all buried at different times and locations.

As he was told of his dethronement in a meeting from which he was to return to Idah and prepare to quit the throne, he halted in Dekina, another Igala territory.

He died there.

Before committing suicide, he supposedly declared Dekina will be popular, but its progress won’t be.

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He further added that because Igala was the origin of his ordeal, there will be discord among the Igala people until his blood (son) reigns as Attah, and all Igalas will be reunited.

I think the reconnection and reunification of Igala people across Nigeria and beyond, which is now going on under his son, Agabaidu Idakwo Ameh Oboni II, the current Attah Igala, is also showing.

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