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Pere explains his intense interest in and dedication to this season’s BBNaija.

Pere Egbi, a cast member of Big Brother Nigeria, has opened up about his obsession with this season’s show.

The former serviceman and finalist from the previous year announced his decision in a recent tweet on his verified social media handle Twitter.

As he sees it, this year’s event has been full of twists and turns, which is why he’s been keeping up with it.

What he wrote in his update is as follows;

The Big Brother Naija season we are now experiencing is the most unpredictable of all time. The only season I’ve ever stuck with to the end!

The following are some of the responses to the post:

@tejjena – Level-2 gain pity votes this year, but we know who the real competitors are in the game.
ChomZy, Adekunle, Hermes, and Eloswag.🔥🔥🔥
The rest of the level2 is in the house because of pity votes😛

@djlick – Phyna will eventually win, level 2 had that “we are poor” sentiment, so a lot of people chose them as Nigerians normally do… Adekunle and Hermes should be equal favorites as Phyna and Bryann….

@charles_Dgifted – Na this same twist dem tried to do last year. Patriots went all out to make sure you didn’t get cheated on your spot

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