Weak defense let Red Bull Salzburg tie Chelsea 1–1. Raheem Sterling put Graham Potter ahead.

The Blues’ weak defense was the difference in Chelsea’s 1–1 draw with Red Bull Salzburg. After Raheem Sterling’s early goal, Graham Potter was off to a winning start.

Before this game, GRAHAM POTTER had never seen a game in the Champions League.

If the 2021 European Champions Chelsea wants to avoid a humiliating elimination in the group stage, their new manager will have to get up to speed on Europe’s best club competition in a hurry.

After Raheem Sterling scored Chelsea’s first goal of the Potter era, a goal by Salzburg striker Noah Okafor startled the stadium.

To make it out of Group E, Chelsea must win both of their upcoming matches against AC Milan, who lie at the bottom of the standings.

Potter’s introverted nature meant that his first night at Stamford Bridge was marked by a low-key entrance.

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This was a much better showing than last week’s loss to Dinamo Zagreb, which ultimately led to Thomas Tuchel’s dismissal, but the end outcome was still disappointing.

Unlike at Anfield, they were able to observe a full minute of silence in honor of the late Queen; two Chelsea Pensioners laid wreaths; the Bridge sang “God Save the King;”

Potter was lured away from Brighton on the day The Queen died, and this was his first and only game as Chelsea manager, making for an unusual start to his tenure.

There is little time to fix things before most of his team leaves for international duty in two weeks.

Despite Chelsea’s dominance for large chunks of the game, Potter still had to deal with some age-old issues, most notably the “curse of the No. 9 shirt,” which appears to be devouring its most recent wearer, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Champions League song was not played as, like the beeps on the self-service check-outs at Morrisons, it was judged a disrespectful noise.

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