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Afia Schwar says Onua TV’s exposure helps Mona Gucci lure young women to l3sbianism.

It has been reported that Ghanaian comedian Afia Schwar has accused Onua TV of providing a platform for Mona Gucci to utilize in her campaign to convert young women to L3sbianism.

If Onua TV is a responsible station, as Queen Schwar claims, they would have canceled Monalisa Abigail Semeha’s show long ago.

She went on to say that in addition to the alleged L3sbobo, Gucci is facing multiple counts of fraud and many more.

Miss Valentina went on to add that if the accusations and charges are true, then Mona is helping her recruit young women into L3sbianism by continuing to air the program.

Bribi Gye Gye Wo on Onua TV is hosted by Mona Gucci. The contentious show, Controversial, discusses hot-button issues in Ghana and abroad.

The reports that Mona is trying to convert young women to L3sbianism are what prompted Afia to make the claim.

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