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Years after her low-budget engagement, Fella Makafui was trolled for not having a white wedding.

In today’s Internet age, no one can fully enjoy their life without eventually having their sweet experience spoiled by trolls on social media.

Online trolls brought a specific kind of happiness to their targets.

That’s just the way it is now with social media; you have to be prepared to take in both the good and the bad when you sign up.

Early this morning, internet trolls began to mock actress Fella Makafui because she posted a video online in which she appeared heavily made up.

In a video, Fella Makafui appears stunning and refined.


She claims that her elaborate getup was intended solely for a single brunch.

Others have decided to drag her for their amusement while her followers, as usual, lavish compliments on her for her stunning appearance.

After many years of marriage, Fella Makafui was reminded of her regret for not having a white wedding.

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Members of the online community assert that Fella Makafui did not consummate her marriage because her performance was inadequate. Since this is the case, they are mocking her for wanting to follow in the footsteps of Tracey Boakye and others by having a lavish white wedding and then taking over Ghana.

Many viewers have pondered, rhetorically, what Fella Makafui might be like post-white-wedding.

Without a white wedding ‘MPO is nice?

Watch the video below;

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