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TikTok star Jackeline Mensah: “I can’t date a man who takes trotro.”

In an exclusive interview with Pulse Gh Entertainment, Ghanaian Tiktok star Jackeline Mensah said that she will not date a man who commutes to work by public transportation.

Jackeline thinks that it will be hard for her to have a serious relationship with a guy who commutes by trotro, even though love doesn’t care about their socioeconomic position.

She said that if her boyfriend came to see her in a trotro, she would be too embarrassed to face her classmates.

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Now that most Ghanaians have seen her harsh words, they have turned on the TikTok star who has over 500k followers on the fastest-growing social media network.

She is entitled to her opinion, even if it comes across as ridiculous and nasty.

However, she would have been better off had she simply disregarded the inquiry; the people who use trotro are the same people who stream her films using their mobile connection, thereby generating revenue for her.

Some of the most vocal criticisms of Jackeline for her refusal to date a man who uses a trotro can be found here.

Reven Boy – If they’re nobody, U won’t hr anything from them. The moment they get somewhere then they start Making choices. did God make choices when he brought u this far? foolish senseless woman. U will be single till thy kingdom comes.

God will Fortune – Sometimes God feels worried about blessing people who become more arrogant afterward

Nartey Emmanuel Stingo – Our understanding of wealth is scary, material stuff is not wealth.

Appah Kwame – Yooo, we hear you! Then you should also understand that ‘we’ cannot continue to buy data with our trotro money to watch your videos on TIK TOK for you to make money. We are saving our monies spent on buying data to watch your video in other to reach your standard!

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