A member of the Queen’s guard faints at the state funeral for Her Majesty.

As the roughly 2,000 mourners left the funeral service in Westminster, the gun-drawn hearse carrying the Queen’s body made its way to Wellington Arch in Hyde Park.

During today’s state funeral, a member of the Queen’s guard fainted and fell to the ground, face first.

It occurred at the precise moment when the casket of Queen Victoria was being transferred from Westminster Abbey to St. George’s Chapel.

Following the funeral service in Westminster, which was attended by some 2,000 people, the coffin of the late monarch was transported to Wellington Arch in Hyde Park via gun carriage.

From here, throngs of mourners lined the Long Walk as the casket was transferred and brought to the hearse for the final time before leaving the city.

The Queen’s long journey to her final resting place began in Balmoral on the day of her death and will conclude this evening with a private ceremony at the castle’s St. George’s Chapel. There, she will be reunited with the Duke of Edinburgh.
Flowers covered the hearse’s roof and windshield as it was driven through Windsor in a procession that included foot soldiers from the Blues and Royals and the Life Guards, as well as mounted members of the Household Cavalry regiment.

People cheered wildly as the state hearse carrying the Queen’s body turned along the well-known boulevard.

Both past British prime ministers, Sir John Major and Sir Tony Blair are Garter Knights, as is the current British prime minister, Liz Truss.

So were many of the people who had the honor of serving the late Queen so closely throughout her unprecedented reign.

An officer on duty fainted and had to be taken away on a stretcher earlier in the day when the sun was shining brightly over London for the moving service.

Sadly, the police officer passed out just before the parade made its way down the Mall. Around the vicinity of Parliament Square, he stumbled and fell.

His exact condition is unknown at this time, however, it is not believed to be life-threatening.

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After the procession carrying the Queen’s casket, a soldier fainted and at least two other military personnel had to be carried away.

They got into trouble while moving the king’s body from a gun carriage to the state hearse and had to be rescued at Wellington Arch.

Two more servicemen were spotted being assisted away before and after Her Majesty’s departure, and one of them dropped to the ground after Her Majesty left.

There were audible gasps from mourners as a Royal Guard fainted and slid off the platform where he was protecting the Queen’s casket on Thursday while she lay in state.

On Saturday, St. John’s Ambulance Service reported that at least 259 people needed assistance from their employees while waiting to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II lying in state.

The London Ambulance Service had a busy night, despite the freezing weather, as those waiting in line or stopping by needed medical attention.

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