(Video+)Manchester United fans are startled by the expensive cars their players and coaches drive, saying “Man United money is different.”

The current Manchester United team is one of the most costly in all of football.

The fans of United expressed their displeasure with the team’s lavish expenditures on luxury vehicles. Some say the Red Devils pay its players approximately £380 million annually in salaries and bonuses.

That means the athletes can afford to treat themselves to things like flashy automobiles.

The United players were filmed leaving their Carrington training facility in flashy automobiles, and the video quickly went viral on TikTok.

A stunning silver Audi can be seen being driven by Raphael Varane. Some of the fancy vehicles are Cristiano Ronaldo’s black Rolls Royce and Diogo Dalot’s Jeep.

I’m sorry, but Manchester United money is different,” one fan said.

Likewise, another person said, “The United pay cheque must be a hell of a thing.”

A supporter asked, “I need to know what we pay our coaches,” referring to the fact that even the coaches drove luxury cars.

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